Nose Job Plus - Economy Series

  • Front Bumper
  • Partial Hood (18′-24′)
  • Partial Fender
  • Rear View Mirrors
  • A-Pillars
  • Roof Line


Comparable to:
  1. Xpel Ultimate Plus
  2. Xpel Ultimate
  3. Suntek Ultra
  4. STEK Dynashield
Film features:
  1. Warrantied colour-stable
  2. Excellent durability and resistance to yellowing and cracking
  3. Self-healing technology that makes most scratches disappear
  4. Invisible Gloss or Matte
  5. Exceptional clarity with low “orange peel”
  6. 10 year, North America wide warranty

3M’s clear paint protection films are designed to protect your car against the elements and are professionally applied by a paint protection film installer. Scotchgard paint protection films come in clear and matte and are backed by a 10 year warranty. Clear bra protects against rock chips and keeps your car looking newer longer.


3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film is the world’s leading brand of vehicle protection film. Boasting the toughest top-coat, with the capacity to self-heal from scuffs, scratches, abrasions and stains, only 3M can protect your new vehicle from these Jacksonville Florida roads.


On the Spot Jax installers have more than 10 years of experience installing PPF on all vehicle types.


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